"I'm proud to share the hard work and dedication that the members of our great department perform daily."

Amy Bastman is now the Los Angeles Fire Department’s newest Public Service Officer and Spokesperson.  Her dedication and involvement with the department over the last nine years has laid the groundwork for her ability to share the actions and events of the department in a timely and accurate manner.  She is proud to wear the LAFD badge and share the hard work and dedication that the members of our great department perform daily.

Amy was a top high school athlete recruited to the University of Utah as a Division 1 college basketball player.  It was there that she found her analytical side, became a student of the stock market, and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Finance.  Soon after, she tackled the corporate world as a bank manager and owner of a heavy machinery company.  Her love of the outdoors and desire to help others led her to become a volunteer ski patroller, where she was introduced to the professional side of public service.  She immediately recognized the opportunity and her desire to become a firefighter upon hearing about the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department, where she first earned the title, “Firefighter.”

As a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department, she has spent her career in the busiest fire stations and areas within the city. She is a graduate of the UCLA Paramedic Program, a Hazardous Materials Specialist and a member of the CATF-1 International FEMA team. She also works with a regional team, the Green Cell Cadre, providing radio communication training to 31 other agencies by recreating real-time emergency scenarios.

Amy Bastman is a two term and the current 2nd Vice-President of the LAFD women’s organization, known as the Los Angeles Women in the Fire Service (or LAWFS). This position has given her the opportunity to work with several other agencies and many political members in and around Los Angeles to help set goals and establish programs, collectively.

As a PSO she is excited to learn from her co-workers including Brian Humphrey and Margaret Stewart, being led by Captain Erik Scott and Public Information Director Peter Sanders.  It is her honor to work alongside these members who share her love of the Los Angeles Fire Department and dedicate themselves to sharing that passion with the world.