"I'm honored to share the outstanding work your firefighters perform daily."
Overview: Friendly, confident, and competent. Given over 1000 News Media interviews as a spokesperson for the LAFD. Was a UCLA instructor. Member of Alpha Gama Sigma and on Dean’s List in college, earned a degree in Emergency Medical Services. Worked for a previous Fire Department and graduated LAFD academy 1st in class. Maintained challenging field assignments as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Gets deployed across the State as a Public Information Officer & Social Media professional. Firefighter of the Month. Received multiple IAFF Awards and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Fire Chief for the use of Social Media in Emergency Management. Terrorism Liaison Officer. Completed State Fire Marshal; Fire Officer Certification. Volunteers weekly at local church assisting youths. Truly enjoys bettering himself and more importantly others.
The Story: Erik Scott became a “firefighter” when he was 14. Not officially, but literally. His career was launched when a fireworks sparkler mysteriously ignited in his bedroom. Instinctively “Firefighter Scott” jumped into action and doused the flames before any alarms went off. His quick action averted any major damage and he emerged unscathed. Had it not been for a telltale scorched hole in the carpet, no one may ever have known of his firefighting prowess. Following disciplinary measures from his superiors—his parents in this case—Erik developed a healthy respect for firefighting and today he can occasionally be found sharing his experience with other youth in an effort to help them avert such mishaps of their own.

Eventually Erik decided to pursue a career in the fire service. He returned to college, resumed his studies in earnest and achieved the Deans List for academic excellence and was a member of the Scholastic Honor Society, Alpha Gamma Sigma. He received a degree from Mt. San Antonio College in Emergency Medical Services. He took pleasure in helping others, thus he became an American Red Cross volunteer, an EMT, and then graduated UCLA’s Paramedic program. Having been enrolled in public speaking courses since the age of nine, Erik soon found himself working as an Instructor for UCLA-Center for Pre-hospital Care. Later the same year Erik pursued further firefighter training and was privileged to be sworn in by the City of Fillmore as a Firefighter Paramedic in 2004.

Erik was honored to join the ranks of Los Angeles Fire Department in 2005 and graduated the academy at the top of his class. In addition to being awarded Top Overall Recruit for outstanding academics and evolutions, he was also awarded Golden Rung for outstanding Truck Evolutions. His first fire station assignment was in south Los Angeles and he feels privileged to have worked in various stations from Los Angeles Harbor to the San Fernando Valley.

Firefighter Scott unfortunately suffered a serious neck, back, and eye injury from a roof collapse at a fire and is currently unable to return to full-duty. While feeling poignant disappointment for being out-of-the-field, he considers himself very fortunate to have gained a position as the Public Service Officer on the “C” platoon in 2009, and being able to work alongside his esteemed colleagues, Margaret Stewart and Brian Humphrey.

He earnestly seeks to gain the respect of the public, fellow firefighters, and reporters alike, while striving to provide accurate and timely information. Today Erik Scott is quoted on a daily basis by various media outlets. You can find him each C-Shift morning with a smile on his face as he proudly pins his badge on his chest, realizing his childhood dream of becoming a firefighter came true, for none other than the world renowned Los Angeles Fire Department.

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